Friday, October 16, 2009

An "Itch" Layout!

When AK was just 2 years old, she called witches, "itches". It was absolutely hysterical and we all so enjoyed it! Fall 2004 was the year of the "itch" in our house. AK just started preschool and even though she had LOVED it when she went during the summer, when Fall session started back, she cried every morning when it was time to go. Poor Mother was the one who had to take her because I was teaching a class on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. So Mother started collecting little treats for her to find in her car seat when it was time to go to school. AK's favorite were the "itches" so Mother started buying up little witches everywhere. Each school morning she would come into class with her new little witch. So when it came time for looking for Halloween costumes that year, what else could we get her but a fancy witch costume!! We called her a Glitter Witch!


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