Monday, March 16, 2009

We're back!!

Well, we made it back from Atlanta, or "Lanta" as Mary Ellen calls it. Too funny! OMGosh Whitney and I are exhausted and so are the girls. Anna Kate was asleep less than 10 minutes after leaving the aquarium. I laid both of their seats back for the ride home and out they went. Anna Kate slept all the way to Anniston and she would have slept longer but the road got really loud and she kept stirring and just couldn't really get back to sleep. Mary Ellen woke up about 30 minutes outside of Birmingham so it was really perfect. The drive home was sooooooo long! It rained the whole way home and was super foggy on top of that. It is nice to be home, though. The girls had a fabulous time and are ready to go back! Next time we go, I think we will skip the GA Aquarium. It was neat, but SOOOOOOO expensive. I think they really liked the Children's Museum just as much if not more than the Aquarium.


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